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Application for admission


Formulaire d’adhésion



Se sei un Marconista e vuoi sponsorizzare un bravo telegrafista per farlo entrare di diritto nel Marconi Club ARI Loano, puoi farlo!
If you are a Radio Officer and you want to sponsor a good telegrapher in order  to allow him to join  the Marconi Club ARI Loano you can do it!

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Riservato ai soci

Reserved for members



 "MARCONISTA" is an honorary title that will be awarded to:


  • All HAM Members HSC, VHSC, EHSC , FOC , TOPS  I.T.C (Italian Telegraphy Club) e EUCW members  Clubs who request it.
  • All HAM Members of Naval Clubs such as INORC, M.F., MARAC, RNARS, FNARS, NRA, YOMARC, BMARS and others, who will send a photocopy of their card or certificate of belonging to the Naval Club.
  • All HAMs who will send a photocopy of both sides of at least 3 QSLs certifying the QSO on CW with 3 HAM’s already members of the "Marconi Club ARI Loano".
  • All HAM’s who will receive at least two Sponsors from as many members of the ARI LOANO Marconi Club, who will certify the ability of correct reception and transmission during a CW QSO.

The use of keyboards or decoders are not allowed.


All QSO must be done on authorized HF band, with a valid license.

The one-time registration fee, including shipping cost for Award, it is € 15.00 Italy or EU, or $ 25 for applicants outside Europe.

All application must be sent to:



Mailing Addresse Postanschrift: ARI LOANO – VIA MAGENTA 8 – 17025 LOANO (Sv) - ITALY