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Se sei un Marconista e vuoi sponsorizzare un bravo telegrafista per farlo entrare di diritto nel Marconi Club ARI Loano, puoi farlo!
If you are a Radio Officer and you want to sponsor a good telegrapher in order  to allow him to join  the Marconi Club ARI Loano you can do it!

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I have just finished the checks of the logs received for the 2024 edition of the Marconi ARI LOANO PARTY CONTEST; as always, I was able to make use of the undisputed abilities of Stefano IK2JUB to whom I would like to thank again this year; 276 logs were received this year, which means more than 45% compared to the previous year, and this result gratifies us a lot !

Thanks to all those who participated; the checks show that there would be another 80 participants who did not send the log having done 10 to over 100 qso (in a couple of cases)which would bring the actual participation to over 350 participants !!! For the next edition 2025 ,I urge everyone, to send the log even if with a few QSOs, as they are still important to increase the the accuracy of the controls.

Let's see now the results of the Contest; wins the General Ranking an unstoppable Flavio IK1YDB (335.054 pti), second place for Stefano IK2JUB (282.310 pti) detached from 83 qso, in third place the inevitable Ivo 9A1AA (239.784 pti) always present in the very first positions for 3 years now; all foreign podium in the ranking dedicated to Independents: First place for Tadeusz SN1T (129,709 pti), who leads Axel DL6KVA (126,054 pti) of only 5 qso and 2 multipliers, in third place Damjan S52W (90,159 pti).

This year the quality of the logs sent has increased again, but I am convinced that we can do better; the logs reclassified as CHECKLOG are less than 20, which indicates a percentage of about 7% of the total received.

I really want to thank, on behalf of all the Marconi Club Ari Loano, the company Begali in the person of Mrs Bruna, who immediately agreed to sponsor us with a truly prestigious award: We will deliver a beautiful vertical button Begali to the winner during the Fair of Montichiari next Saturday 9 March at the Stand Marconi Ari Loano! How many Contest can boast such a prize??

Finally, I am pleased to report some information about the 4 most commonly encountered wrong conditions, so that we can reduce the number of unusable logs.

LOG FORMAT: it is essential to send ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY logs in Cabrillo format; our control software manages files with extension . LOG, . CBR and . TXT; any other format cannot be processed for any reason; I note with pleasure that from the first edition to today, the logs in the correct format have increased exponentially, and this year just over 3% were the wrong ones.

DATA EXCHANGE: the data required for the connection to be valid, are: in the case of a contact with a Marconista, these will pass 599 + the membership number in the format MC000 (eg IK1TTD passes 599 MC283); the independent station will pass instead 599 + progressive number. Still many participants report only the number without the letters MC; so those who contacted for example IK1TTD passing MC263, reported only 283, in fact completely canceling the score of that link; in other cases, some logs reported a simple progressive instead of the correct data received, also in this data the logs are not processable.

LOG NAME: another recommendation concerns the name of the log file you send: every software you use assigns a name to the LOG file AUTOMATICALLY, so YOU DO NOT RENAME the file for any reason ! Some LOG had been named in such a way as not to be processed; ultimately, let the software prepare your file, and intervene as little as possible on the file, so that this is readable by our control software, just add a space in the name, or inside the file itself, to make it unreadable.

SOFTWARE: once again I urge everyone to use the Software enabled to the automatic management of our contest, and precisely QARTEST, N1MM and DXLOG; these software will help you a lot! For example QARTEST (among other things used for more than 50% of the logs received)  once you enter the name of the station you are working, pressing the space bar (AND NOT THE TAB KEY) will return in the data field AUTOMATICALLY the data you should receive, and that is MC+corresponding number; this will drastically limit a wrong transcription of the received data; I’m thinking of making a VIDEO TUTORIAL to show this process. Finally a last tip: update the Software you use; this operation as well as being of course free for the software recommended by us, is also automatic !!! Some logs received showed a Claimed Score much lower than the real; the data was obviously correct, but this indicates that an outdated version was used, in fact since 2022 we have introduced multipliers to make the contest more interesting and the scores since then are higher.

See you at the 2025 edition, hoping to get the numbers of participation always growing.